Let's have a chat about ways of driving progress forward at your school. 

Creating a consistent and thorough approach to improving students' language can be a real challenge. This is particularly true if students do not read regularly. 

During the call:

  • You'll speak with a qualified English teacher about your school context.
  • We'll explore best practice in teaching vocabulary and evaluate how your school is currently performing.
  • We'll talk you through what Bedrock Vocabulary is and how we're helping thousands of students to improve their confidence with English language.

 Why teachers love Bedrock


"Bedrock has supported the school in becoming a place where language matters, particularly the quality of language." Head of English, West Sussex 

"Setting homework on Bedrock is a God-send: no marking; it’s easy to check if students have done it or not!" Literacy Co-ordinator, Bristol

"My students' approach to language in the classroom has shifted significantly. They are able to identify roots in text and are much more confident at pulling language apart." English Teacher, London